Gateway to the Shadow Web

Welcome to the Gateway to the Shadow Web.

Never heard of the shadow web? It is a hidden internet only accessible with special configuration.

The Shadow Web is home to many things which are shut down extremely fast on the deep web. Such things include hurtcore, CP, red rooms, hitmen, drug markets and more.

Extensions you can open on the Shadow Web include: .sweb, .sw, .onion, . slink and more.

To gain access, you will need to pay 0.15 BTC. This is to ensure the Shadow Web's content stays unique and is not filled with skiddy information.

You can click the button below to pay and download the text file which will instruct you on how to access the Shadow Web, be sure to follow the instructions very closely.

If you are having any issues, please be sure to contact me at and I will respond to you within 12 hours.